Thursday, January 24, 2013

Refurbishing the Blog

I'm completely overhauling my old blog from AP American Government.  If you care to hear about the political issues I found particularly important in 2009, then just keep looking down. Well, at least I wrote with a certain amount of conviction. 

If; however, you are interested in hearing about my upcoming semester to Sri Lanka, then read "up."  
I leave next Monday from San Francisco for a lovely two day sojourn to arrive in Colombo, fresh-faced and ready for class the next day, hmm... 

Getting ready for this trip has been a long, slow process.  Or should I say it has been a long process because I've been so slow? Either way, winter break has already felt like a haze... It was ages since I was skiing at Whistler with my dad and my brother or in San Francisco for the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology conference presenting on my honeybee research [don't worry I'll pretty much guarantee that honeybees will make an appearance in this blog]. For now though, I'm sleeping in ridiculously late and behind on all my job applications, not to mention my Sinhalese homework. 

Anyways, don't want to complain too much, life in Sacramento is pretty typical, but I leave you with a few details about my preparations.

Most important items on my packing list:
Linen Breeze Target brand hand sanitizer (it just reminds me of freshly-done laundry)
5pk white tees
gift for the father in my host family, I never know what to get men anyways... 

Also, I finally started taking my antimalarial pills, a week late.  My dreams are supposed to start getting pretty weird.  

Okay, hopefully I'll have more interesting information the next time around.  In the mean time, off to the barn to see the horse! 
Ray helping me learn Sinhalese