Sunday, September 27, 2009

Blog 6
Why is it that in recent months there has been so much screaming and finger pointing, that the loudest of the protesters are often the only ones heard. There still remains a significicant majority of people who are not raising their voices out of fear and spite. The media grants the people bearing "Obama the Nazi" signs, but does not give the time of day to the 65% of Americans who are comfotable with the idea of a public option, according to a study conducted by The New York Times. This poll also concludes that the health care plan proposed by the Obama Administration is more clear than that proposed by the Rebublicans in Congress.

This debate has been blow way out of proportion, with Congresmembers of both parties acting without the people's needs in mind. While it appears that the Republicans took advantage of the summer reccess in Congress to crash the town hall style meetings. The Democrats, who have a Democratic President and a Democratic Majority should have seen that coming, and been able to counter with own power. The legislative process is not a pretty on, as designed by The Constitution, but with more and more media attention dedicated to the health care debate people are discusted by the cut throat attitude of their own government. However, these people also fail to realize this haggling leds to compromise, which is in fact the key to the success producing bills that cater to the needs of the wide variety of American people.

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