Monday, September 7, 2009

Obama’s Pep Talk

The conservative furor over Mr. Obama’s educational pep talk scheduled to take place on the morning of Tuesday the 8th is frankly ridiculous. There have been accusations on all side of the spectrum about Mr. Obama’s speech, ranging from Suddam Hussien-like to socialists movement inspiring.  The previous is from radical Canadian author and self-proclaimed political guru Mark Steyn, the latter a father of three in Texas, who also happens to be an engineer.  Since I am writing this blog Monday (the 7th), I have only read the notes for Mr. Obama’s speech scheduled to take place tomorrow morning.  Absolutely nowhere in the text version of this speech does it say anything even leaning toward inspiring a scholastic socialist movement, of creating a personality cult. How about a plain goodwill gesture to America’s school children who might be dreaming about the possibility of another three months of summer and not just there schoolwork. 

Since I do not actually go out sampling public opinion with any frequency, I do not have a first hand experience with any statistical evidence about the following presumptions. In recent weeks, the comments made by sharp spoken, conservative, non-office holding individuals seem to dominate media coverage. I am tired of the Rush Limbaugh/Glen Beck-watching, “keep your government hands off my Medicare” people overshadowing the central-leaning majority, such as me, by garnering more media attention.  Mr. Obama’s speech is simple a goodwill gesture.  His approval ratings have dropped about six percent since his seven months in office.  He is probably wishing to bolster public opinion.

And to the parents who disagree with Obama’s political opinions. Instead of allowing children to not listen to alternative opinions, just because they might disagree with the Presidents other policies, how about letting them listen and formulate their own unique view of the subject matter.  After, parents can talk about the speech with their school children.  Not to mention, many former presidents have addressed schoolchildren during their presidencies, Reegan and Bush Sr. to name two.  The battlefield of the health care debate is the only reason for the opposition to nation-wide airing of the speech.  Some are uncertain and bitter, causing a backlash as what I view as Mr. Obama’s right as president of the United States, parents and critics are basically saying if you don’t agree then just don’t listen.