Sunday, April 28, 2013

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This will be about why I have to best independent study site ever

The Guesthouse
I’m staying in Arugam Bay, a chill small town fishing village-turned-surfing-destination along the southeastern coast of Sri Lanka.  I found a small guest house located a little bit off the main beach road with a man, Ram, who at one point lived in Hawaii.  Ram has traveled all over the world working as a chief, in addition to many other jobs, and he even lived in Hawaii, very clost to where I’m from.  He has more stories to tell them I will be able to hear in my three weeks here.  He’s also cooks the best food in Arugam Bay.  I’ve eaten at a lot of restaurants here, I can say that.  He’s originally from the Northern Province, but has lived elsewhere in Sri Lanka.
Here, I moved into the treehouse and I’m not leaving.  I love the small little Swiss Family Robinson treehouse. Just this morning, around 9, the monkeys chasing crows woke on my roof woke me up.  I shower in an outdoor shower that is also home to a family of frogs (I try to use as little soap as possible so I’m not hurting them).  The one downside is the 5 am call to pray being broadcasted from three different mosques located within close proximity to Arugam Bay. 

The People
The people here are divided into two camps, the residents and the transients.  Don’t confuse this with Sri Lankans versus tourists because there are a surprising number of white (Displaced Europeans) that live in Arugam for months at a time, the surfing season runs from April until November (I think).  There are also a number of Sri Lankans, both Arugam Bay locals and other islanders that are active in the surfing community of Arugam Bay.  It’s been interesting to meet these people.  It’s a very different experience than I would have gotten living in a small, non surfing village, but I has it’s own value and merit; I’m able to talk freely to the multiple groups that use the area, including fishermen, hotel owners, tourist, surfer bums, and shop keepers.  The community of Pottuvil (the nearby large town) and Arugam is almost exclusively Muslim, although there is a small population of Hindu Tamils and an even smaller population of Sinhala Buddhists. 
            One thing that is interesting to note is the complete absence of Sri Lankan women in Arugam Bay.  No Sri Lankan women surf in Arugam Bay.  There are many female surfers, but they are all foreign.  There are many Sri Lankan surfers, but they are all male. When I asked an aquantence about this phenomenon, I was informed that Sri Lankans don’t even let their daughters swim (This is a HUGE generalization, but there is some truth to this) needless to say I was both offended and angry, one thing I will never be able to get used to here is how women are treated and viewed in society.  I won’t go into details in this post because that would take more time than I have available at the moment; my egg and cheese rotty is almost ready.  
            I’ve also taken to walking an excessive amount, I think I have a walking addiction, although yesterday I had a burger with bacon, pringles, and a coke, so maybe this walking thing is pretty good for me…
I went surfing yesterday and it was so much fun!!!

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